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 Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.

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OdoslaťPredmet: Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.   Pi november 11, 2011 8:51 am

citácia :

Our Steam forums were defaced on the evening of Sunday, November 6. We began investigating and found that the intrusion goes beyond the Steam forums.

We learned that intruders obtained access to a Steam database in addition to the forums. This database contained information including user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. We do not have evidence that encrypted credit card numbers or personally identifying information were taken by the intruders, or that the protection on credit card numbers or passwords was cracked. We are still investigating.

We don’t have evidence of credit card misuse at this time. Nonetheless you should watch your credit card activity and statements closely.

While we only know of a few forum accounts that have been compromised, all forum users will be required to change their passwords the next time they login. If you have used your Steam forum password on other accounts you should change those passwords as well.

We do not know of any compromised Steam accounts, so we are not planning to force a change of Steam account passwords (which are separate from forum passwords). However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change that as well, especially if it is the same as your Steam forum account password.

We will reopen the forums as soon as we can.

I am truly sorry this happened, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


Jinymi slovy 6teho listopadu jim hacknuli fora, a pri vyzkumu pruniku steamaci zjistili ze hacknuli aj databazi kde sou ulozene info o kreditkach, adresy, etc. proste osobni udaje NE z fora ale z normalniho steam accountu.

Pisou sice ze zatim nevim jestli prolomili ochranu te databaze tj zatim maji jen zahashovane hesla a tak ale stejne doporucuji zmenit heslo vsem tem co pouzivaji steam, a to nejen na foru ale i ve steamu... a taky zmenit to heslo kdekoli jinde pokud pouzivate to same.

Je nejaky rok hacku asi nebo co... Very Happy sony, eidos, valve... Very Happy

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OdoslaťPredmet: Re: Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.   Pi november 11, 2011 11:33 am

dovi dopo ...
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OdoslaťPredmet: Re: Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.   Pi november 11, 2011 12:26 pm

Hesla su pre mňa uplne nezmyselná vec a kľudne ich všetci môžu vedieť, do WOWka mám authenticator a na internet banking grid cartu. ;-)
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OdoslaťPredmet: Re: Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.   

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Ti co maji steam - je to hacknute.
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